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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cat's Return

Hello, friends, long time no see. Sorry it has been so long since I last shared with ya'll. Promise I'll try and make it up to you.

You know how life can get away from you like a wild stallion? Well that is what my life has been feeliing like for the past few months. Between my oldest getting ready for her senior year of high school and my third child getting ready for fifth grade, plus each one of the four wanting to do a sport, I have been running ragged. And of course that doesn't count the additions to my family, my cousin and his cat. So my three bedroom house is bursting at the seams with my own two cats, dog and two goldfish. lol.

So on that note here is some delectable eye candy to satisfy your sweet tooths and hopefully earn back some of your love. :)

Love bunches,


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