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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Immortal Love Affair (cont)

Corey nearly swallowed her tongue. Had she really just invited a total stranger to come home with her? Sure he just helped her daughter through what could have been a serious injury, and yes he was uber hot, but what else did she really know about him? He could be a serial killer for all she knew.

Looking into his soft gray eyes she knew he would never hurt her or her children. There was a gentleness that showed through. Yet she could feel the power emanating off him, letting her know he could protect anyone that meant anything to him.

"For coffee. If you're interested dinner, too?" Whatever nerve she had deserted her under his quiet regard. "Please say something so I don't feel like a total idiot."

"I'd love to." Such a simple statement and her knees threatened to give out.

Smiling as if she had won the lottery, she almost forgot what she had offered. "Oh, great. That's great. Isn't that great, Alli?"

"Sure, Mom. Whatever. Are we ready to go yet?" chimed in her little ray of sunshine.

Looking around Corey realized the rest of the players had left leaving a few stragglers milling around but not much more.

"Absolutely. You can follow us if you're ready." Corey tried hiding the excitement she felt, she hadn't met a man who intriqued her in a very long time and she didn't want to let this opportunity pass her by. Life was too short.

"I'm right behind you." Langdon stepped aside to allow her to pass. Corey scooped up the soccer gear and led the way.

Now what? Once she got him home what was she going to do with him? Images of naked limbs entwined amidst soft sheets brought instant heat to her cheeks. Thank god he couldn't read her mind. A soft chuckle from behind her interrupted her thoughts. Could he? She picked up the pace to her silver compact, clicking her keyless entry to pop the trunk as she got closer.

Could she go through with this? What power did he have over her? She didn't do things like this!