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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My current projects

I working on two book series ideas.

One is called Muses of the Gods.They follow different muses through her obligations to her boss, her specialty to mankind and her ultimate decision of accepting the forbidden love she finds with a mortal man or walking away.

The other is darker. I haven't thought of a series name yet, however, it's follows the Furies. Each one has a different specialty, as well, and scars that caused her to become a weapon. The first book follows Roxy, a Fury that specializes in vengeance for wronged women. She pledged eternal servitude to escape from her broken heart and enjoys inflicting pain on men. Until she meets one whose not what he appears. Will he restore her soul and help mend her broken heart? Or is she destined to remain the Hammer of the Gods?

My current work in progress is a fantasy involving a woman with a degenerative neurological disease who passes between the painful and lonely world she knows to a place where she isn't dieing and is loved. All from her hospital  bed. Can she find a way to remain in her happy world? Or will she have to die alone in the only reality she has ever known?