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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Immortal Love Affair

The warm sun felt good against her wind chilled face as she watched her daughter sprint across the kelly green soccer field. Corey Francis stood transfixed, watching Alison enthusiastically take off after the flying ball. Her slender leg slid between the uncoordinated youths fighting for the ball, effectively stealing it and passing it to her teammate.

"Woohoo, Alli! Good job." She called, pumping her arm above her head. Corey was amazed her daughter played so fiercely. The shrill whistle paused the game signalling the goal scored.

"She's good." commented a quiet voice beside her.

Corey turned expecting another team parent and met a pair of cool gray eyes assessing her. Her initial appraisal was way off base, they weren't cool at all. Combining the light gray eyes with the dark eyebrows and long eyelashes framing his slightly slanted eyes, she felt herself drowning in their warmth.

Heat flooded her cheeks as she realized she was staring dumbly at this stranger. She jerked her attention back to the game.

"Thank you." she murmurred. 'Brilliant, now he thinks your a moron.' Belatedly, she realized she ahd never seen him before. He must be a father from the other team, she concluded. "Uhm, which one is yours?" she asked tentatively. Something about this stranger captivated her. She peeked at him from the corner of her eye, only to discover he was watching her and not the field.

"Which what?" he asked as if stirred from his own thoughts. "Oh, I don't have any children."

"Then why are you watching kids you don't know?" she asked her mother's warning system finally kicking in. Who in their right mind would spend a beautiful, albeit chilly Saturday, watching a bunch of strange children mangle a sport?

"I find their innocence refreshing. It's nice to see what we once were and what we can be again." he replied cryptically. He smiled showing even white teeth. His skin an unseasonable beige but lacked that orangey color to be from a tanning bed. He stood maybe five foot eight to her five-two, his shoulders broad like a swimmers, covered by a gray Tampa Bay Buccaneers sweatshirt, gave him a comfortable feel.

"You're not some pervert are you? Because if you are you may as well leave right now." She warned. Corey didn't get the feeling that he was nefarious but one couldn't be too careful. After all, wasn't Ted Bundy supposed to be charming and normal looking?

Her companion laughed, softly, the corners of his eyes crinkling with humor. "You are a wonder." He held his hand out. "I'm Langdon Collins."

She grasped his hand in a firm shake. She was only being polite after all, right? As soon as she felt his smooth, warm skin against hers all her worries evaporated. She smiled warmly. "Corey Francis."

"Nice to meet you, Corey Francis."

To be continued....


  1. Oh...what a wonderful and mysterious opening to what promises to be an interesting story!

    Do we get more next week?


  2. Thank you, Hawk. You're sweet. Yes the next segment will be out on Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it as well.