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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2010, my friends. Of course I had to ring in the new year with a totally droolworthy hottie.*wipes mouth discreetly before soaking her keyboard*.

Now down to business.

First, I'd like to kick off the new year to invite you all to see my newest excerpt to the Neverending Story. The Bubble Horde shows a more active involvement of Kallyn and her new powers. So join me and the other contributing authors at

Second, as we all know January is the time to plan for the coming year. It is also for making a new start. My blog has only been active for a few months so this will be my opportunity to plan for a full year. So here is my new years resolution- I will post a chapter a week of a 'secret story'. I will also continue my articles on 'This day in history' and don't worry 'Eye candy' will still flourish.

So stay tuned to see what will come out of my 'sleeve' next. *wink*

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